Daniel M. Finch

Associate Professor of Visual Art

Messiah College
One College Avenue, Grantham, PA 17027
(717) 766-2511 ext: 7111


3944 Brookridge Dr., Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

daniel finch
Crash evel Knievel
Untitled (Bruce Lee VI)
Hong Kong Cinema
This is the view that travelers from Harrisburg will experience when taking the Lemoyne exit into the Cumberland Valley.
Lady Commonwealth Mural
Wonder Woman precursor
Untitled (Hawk/Ghost)
Lynda carter
Samurai (Homage to Toshiro Mifune)
son of Kong full frontal
Hypoglycanthropy detail
Boxers Revisited
Bruce Lee 1
MFA Speaks
Transmission:  Evel Knievel
Al Jazeera Exclusive
dominguez full
hsf full
Self-Progression, oil on panel, 24
Hillary by Daniel Finch (Full)
Scotch Loch Monster by Daniel Finch (Full)
Transmission: Tarzan by Daniel Finch (Full)
Portrait Of The Artist As A Wolfman by Daniel Finch (Full)
Evel Knievel Will Never Jump Again by Daniel Finch (Full)
Bruce Lee 2 (Angle)